Hi it's Leesa, Science-Based Holistic Nutritionist and creator of
Nutrition Interactions.  

You've heard that "content is king".  That high quality articles, posts and ebooks are what puts your expertise and credibility on display.

But what if you don't have the time or patience to create the health content you know will help you become the "go-to" resource for your niche?  What if you'd much rather be creating new recipes or meal plans, or coaching your clients?

I want to help you!  In fact, I would absolutely love to help you.  I would love your input to understand the best way I could do research and health writing to help you gain an edge over your competition.

As thanks, I will email you a list of my "go-to" credible health and nutrition resources, as well as some great links to understanding and evaluating health science.

One last thing, all questions are optional, but you have to hit "Submit" at the very end for me to receive your responses.

What's your #1 single biggest challenge when it comes to doing health research or consistently creating high quality content/resources? (Please be as specific and detailed as possible).

Which of the following best describes you?

What are your goals when it comes to high-quality content for your wellness practice?

Would you like your content to be more comprehensive, more frequent, would you like to have a book, etc.
How have you created high quality content in the past? (Please list anything you can think of)

Did you purchase "done for you" posts/programs?  Did you research and write them yourself?  Did you avoid it, and really need to get on it?
Where are you now when it comes to creating health articles and other resources, and what is preventing you from reaching your goals?  (Please be as detailed as possible).

Do you love it?  Do you feel it distracts you from what you really want to do?  Does it take too much of your time?  Do you really want higher quality content?
Of the products/services/resources you already use for content creation, what do you like about them?  (Please be as detailed as possible).

Are they time savers?  Are they customized to your business?  Do they reflect your expertise?
What resources do you wish were available to help you get the right health writing and become the "go-to" resource for your niche?  (Please be as detailed as possible).

Do you wish you had a personal health researcher?  Personal health writer?  Access to many posts in your niche that you can choose from?  A one-year's supply of general health/wellness posts?
Why is having high quality health information for your clients important to you right now? (Please be as detailed as possible).

Do you want to ramp up your credibility?  Be more visible?  Become the "go-to" expert in your field?
What is at stake if you don't have high quality health articles and resources for your clients? (Please be as detailed as possible).

Will your business be stagnant?  Will you be lost in the "sea" of wellness professionals?
Ideally, how "exclusive" would you like your content?

Ideally, in terms of content would you prefer:

What topics would you be interested in having articles or other science-based resources written on?

I want to thank you for your time and honest answers.  Before you get to the last couple of questions and hit "Submit", I want to offer you a list of my favourite websites for credible nutrition information that I'll email to you within 2 business days.  What address should I send it to?

Best email address:
Would you like to be added to my email list for weekly updates on health science and holistic nutrition?

I may want to follow-up with you personally to learn a little more about your situation.  If you'd be open to chatting for a few minutes on the condition that I PROMISE not to sell you anything, please leave your name below (optional).

Thanks so much!

Your name:

Don't worry - I'll still email you that list of credible websites & resources even if you don't want to chat. :)
Any last thoughts before you hit "Submit" on the next screen and go?

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