Hi it's Leesa, Science-Based Holistic Nutritionist and creator of
Nutrition Interactions.  

I appreciate you spending a few minutes telling me about how you would want to use foods, supplements and lifestyle/exercise for your optimal bone health.  I would love your input to guide the direction of future blog posts & emails toward nutrition and bone-health topics that are important to you.

One last thing, all questions are optional, but you have to hit "Submit" at the very end for me to receive your responses.

What's your #1 single biggest challenge when it comes to optimal nutrition and bone health?  (Please be as specific and detailed as possible).

The more detailed you are, the more likely it is I will be able to cover your topic in the near future.
Which of the following best describes you?

What are your goals when it comes to optimal nutrition and bone health?

What do you already use to help you optimize your nutrition and bone health? (Please list anything you can think of)

Names of specific foods, supplements, exercises, medications, websites, groups, associations, books, recipes, etc.
Where are you now when it comes to nutrition and bone health, and what is preventing you from reaching your goals?

(Please be as detailed as possible)
Of the products/services/resources you already use, what do you like about them?

(Please be as detailed as possible)
What resources do you wish were available to help you optimize your nutrition and bone health?

(Please be as detailed as possible)
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(Remember, all questions are optional.)

I want to thank you for your time and honest answers.  Before you get to the last couple of questions and hit "Submit", I want to offer you a few "bone healthy" nutritious recipes based on your personal food preferences.  Please check off applicable options below and I will be sure to forward you links to three hand-picked recipes in the upcoming weeks. You can give me your email address in the next question.

Would you like to be added to my email list for weekly updates on medical science, holistic nutrition and bone health?

I may want to follow-up with you personally to learn a little more about your situation.  If you'd be open to chatting for a few minutes on the condition that I PROMISE not to sell you anything, please leave your name below (optional).

Thanks so much!

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Don't worry - I'll still email you those recipes even if you don't want to chat. :)
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